Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recycled Containers...Great For Cookies

Tis the season where we're all running around crazy...baking, shopping, wrapping. Here's a quick idea for wrapping small gifts or a stack of cookies.

I've saved these containers for a while (no surprise there). I knew they would turn into something! These are the containers that hold the little tubs of drink powder.

This particular brand has a plastic label that just peels right off. There aren't any marks or residue left from glue.

Now it's a clean slate for any decoration.

If you are going to cover the whole container, measure the height ...

and the distance around the tube.

You can use fabric, scrap booking paper, ribbon, old book or music pages etc...

You can also decorate the top of the container. I used my hole punch to make a hang tag too (last week's Tool Time).

One idea would simply be to use ribbon to wrap around the container with a little glue for a candy cane look.

Add your matching gift tag...

Fill with your favorite cookies or small present and it's the perfect neighbor, teacher or hostess gift.

How about a little snowman...great for a child's gift or cookies too.

For a little more sophisticated look, I used an old sheet of music.

Add a simple hang tag...

matching ribbon and you're done!

The possibilities for these cookie containers are endless...let your imagination run with it.

Speaking of cookies...I'm guest posting a cookie recipe today over at Pleasant Home. You have to stop by for all of Jodi's wonderful's been a great week.

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. I have these also and was thinking what to do. I love the snowman. But that cookie in the container really looks good. Now we need the receipe, please.....

  2. Oh, you are so clever. Thank you for the idea!! I will be using it.

  3. Those are sooooo cute!!!! The cookie in it looks yummie!!!!

  4. Adorable!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. What cute containers! I also love how you coordinated the cookies with the outside wrap.

  6. Those are extremely cute. I love to recycle food containers too! Thanks for sharing your idea.

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season ~Natalie

  7. I love this idea, so clever! I enjoy recycling, so I'll be sure to try this one. Thank you for sharing.
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Sooooo cute, clever, and it!!

  9. Beautiful Idea, I am sure we could find many other containers we could recycle. Thanks

  10. That's some fun stuff! Really, does your creative brain ever rest? Thanks for sharing!

    When you get a moment, check out the fun giveaway over on my blog!

  11. Those are all really cute! Love the snowman!

  12. Karen....these are awesome! Now I'm gonna have to find that punch brand, and start saving the containers! We are so basic with the food we buy, I never think to look around the store and see what there is! I'm definitely going to start checking out the containers of stuff! You are so clever!

    Thanks for the ideas!

  13. Another great idea Karen! Those drink canisters are so sturdy and come with lids ...they could be turned into so many different things!

    I just printed your Good Cookie recipe. It occurred to me that I have all the ingredients in the house already, so I might start my baking tomorrow afternoon without a trip to the grocery store! Hooray!


  14. Thank you for this wonderfull idea.

  15. How pretty! What an incredible project!

  16. Wonderful variety from your crafty brain! Love the snowman, so cute.

  17. These are so cute, and what a great inexpensive and crafty way to give gifts! I'll be using this at Christmas, and I might even be using a variation for Halloween! I featured you as a favorite find this week on my blog Copy-Cat-Crafter

  18. Great idea with the drink container! My mom always recycled pringle containers for cookies.
    Just love all your creative ideas...I'm hooked!!

  19. These are great ideas! I have many cans similar to these. My 2 girls are very artistic, and together we decorate the cans and the girls use them for storing their Pencils crayons ect. as well as favorite drawing (Pringles cans work great just roll the drawing and slip it inside).

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  21. Thank you for your inspiration. Every little bit helps in the end!


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