Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tool Time Tuesday...One More Place Mat Idea

Are you tired of place mat projects yet? Click here for past projects. This is the last one...I think! Here's is a quick and easy idea for a little fall decorating or something for Thanksgiving here in the states. It's still fall here even though I woke up to snow this morning here in New England! This idea is great any time of year, just change the color of the place mat and the pretty things you place inside.

You need one round place mat. This one is chocolate brown in color, even though the picture is dull. It's made of straw like material and very pliable, not ridged.

Here's a better idea of the color and the size.

Roll the place mat into a cone and temporarily hold together with clips

Hot glue in the over lapping area. Hold in place until dries...just a few seconds.

Now you are ready to fill with any thing from flowers, leaves, berries...

I also hot glued on a little hanger. If you use a fabric place mat, you could sew this on too.

Before filling with your decorations, I filled the point with a little tissue paper to take up some of the space in there. Not necessary, but helped with some of the flowers I used.

Here is the first idea...filled with fall berries and hung next to the fireplace.

Then I decided to add a bow.

You could also hang it on your door.

Trimmed the bow tail a little.

How about a bouquet of colorful leaves?

You could also place it on your table as a center piece...leaves and acorns

or just leaves...maybe even small pumpkins and gourds would be cute.

This is a very inexpensive project and can be used any time of year. Most place mats that I use are only $1.00-2.00 each. Think ahead for Christmas too. A beautiful green place mat with colorful red berries and evergreens from the yard...ok maybe you'll be seeing more place mat projects in the near future!!
Have a great Tuesday,


  1. That is really cute! Don't know how you keep coming up with these ideas! They're great, and so easy!

  2. Karen that is so cool!! I have walked past place mats like these a million times and never thought of this, you are so clever!! This is such an easy and good looking project, really professional.

    I actually channeled you the other day, I sewed two rectangular placemats together into a pocket/sleeve, which I then hung on the wall in my craft room to put my square quilting rulers in (I think you have yours in a plate drying rack, but I didn't have enough desk space for that).

    From now on when I see a pretty placemat I'm going to thing WWKD? (what would Karen do) and then buy it.

  3. IMPRESIONANTE idea, Karen!!!
    Me ha encantado cómo has decorado ese maravilloso rincón, o esa puerta...Cómo me gustan los colores del otoño!!!

    Gracias por la idea...como siempre, un placer visitarte!!

    Un beso,


  4. Just wonderful...looks fabulous!

  5. How clever. It looks professional. Where do you get your ideas? They seem unlimited!

  6. oh it´s a wonderfull Idea. I love it.
    greatings, Marita

  7. So cute! I love it! Great idea!
    ciao Monica

  8. Another great idea! Have you ever done a TTT post on using empty baby food jars? My baby is eating baby food and I've been saving the jars, but I don't know what to do with them! I'm sure you have lots of great ideas- would you consider doing a post on this?? Thanks!

  9. A bouquet for you my dear I present...you rock.. or rather flower...

  10. Love this idea. Thanks for the inspiration. I can see on my door and using different colored place mats for all year long.

  11. Once again a clever idea. I don't know how you keep coming up with all these ideas.

  12. Wonderful idea and it looks great with the place mat material.


  13. What a great idea! And it can be used for any time of year!

  14. Super cute idea! And thanks so much for the Blog Buddy posts, they have been a big help and I even shared them!

  15. Love it! That would look great on MY door! Such an easy way to have something different for each season.


  16. What a cute, cute idea for a placemat. You are so talented. I am going to make one for my home, or maybe two! Enjoy your blog so much.

    Jeanne in MI

  17. I love this idea and the round placemats are so cheap. I have seen some cute flowers for fall and was wondering what to do. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Well "placemat Karen" that is a cute idea for the round placemat. I have seen that with the
    rectangular ones but not the round ones. I like
    it better with the round one. That is too cute.
    That would be an any holiday decoration. Love it.":O)

  19. What a great idea!! I think I could even do that!! Getting out the glue gun!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration, I love Tuesdays!!

  20. Very creative!! Thanks for the great idea


  21. I like this very much. very clever. I love it on your door too.

  22. Another neat idea, Karen. I have to ask where you found those incredible large acorns.....
    Chris aja GlitzyMe


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