Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tool Time Tuesday...New Sewing Table

Tool Time Riddle...
What do you get when you cross a

Hollow core door with...

wire and some...

Dryer vent tape?

Well, a new sewing desk of course!

My sister gave me these 2 side tables a while ago. Thanks Colleen!

They've been in different rooms throughout the house...
now they're in my sewing room. They were different heights, so I removed the legs from one and the base from the other.

I gave them a fresh coat of black paint. I officially hate painting.
My theory is, if you don't see it...I don't paint it!

I added some left over stainless steel knobs that I had.

The 2 drawer pulls were an odd size that I didn't have.
I improvised with some wire.

To make your own drawer pulls, just take heavy duty wire, a rod or dowel and wire cutters.

Wrap the wire around the rod until your desired length.

Slide off, but leave the 2 ends long enough to thread through the holes in the drawer.

Insert through the front and twist off the ends inside the drawer.
Wrap the ends with duct tape if you need to.

Very easy...

and cute. Kind of looks like it's smiling at me!

Here's the other base. Put them all together and you have a...

brand new desk. You could always use 2 filing cabinets for the supports too.

See that edge? I wanted to use something different to cover it.
I bought wooden trim, but decided to return it.
I was going to use yard sticks, but didn't have enough that matched.

This one I really brainstormed over.
I walked all over the house, in the basement, my husband workshop...
looking at this and fiddling with that.

Until I found this! Ahhhh (insert angelic singing voice)
This little wonder is dryer vent tape!

You know that silver tubing that sticks out from the back of your dryer?
Well, this is the tape that you wrap around it.

Since it's Tuesday...we won't be fixing dryers any time soon.
Just peel and stick. It wrinkles easily, so work carefully!

Smooths out pretty well.
Some spots I should do over, but it's just my sewing table!

Isn't she pretty?

I actually put a clear coat of polyurethane on the other side.
I didn't like the color once it dried, so I left it natural.

Here are a few tips for things on top.

That white thing with the scissors in it is a tooth brush holder.
I bought that for the girl's bathroom.
I hated it...and I'm a dental hygienist. How could I hate a tooth brush holder?
The brushes kept slipping off the bottom plate and sliding out of the holder.
Great for my scissors now!!

That holder off to the left is from the office supply store.
It would hold your papers if you were typing something on the computer.
Well, for me it keeps my quilt or sewing pattern up off the table and easy to read!

How about an antique tool box to hold your thread.
I have 2 of the wall mount thread racks, but I don't have any wall space.

This desk only cost $20.00 and that was for the door.
The side tables were hand me downs, the paint I already had from painting the front door, the knobs were from another project and the wire and silver tape I stole (oops) borrowed from my hubby.

Now that you are armed with the tools to make your own desk, I'm sure you could find things that could work for you. How about:
  • 2 filing cabinets
  • 2 saw horses
  • planks of wood attached together
  • pre made and pre sized Formica counters. They sell them at Home Depot or Lowe's
  • an old kitchen table cut down to the perfect height. My sewing table is 24 inches high. It's the perfect height for me and great on my back and neck. I'm only 5' 2" and 3/4. (had to add the 3/4"...I couldn't round up to 3 inches, because it's just not there)!!
spaceNo matter where you sew, make sure it's good for your back and neck.

Have a wonderful Tuesday,


  1. You have done it again. It looks wonderful. I never thought I would love black paint until I have seen the wonderful things you do with it. I just love to see what you are up to. Hope you have a great week. Lisa

  2. I have been watching the store for counter tops to go on sale to do something very similar as this... WOW>>> who would of thought to use a door.. well YOU of course!!! Thank you so much for sharing, imay justr do this instead.

  3. That is just too clever - love it. The dryer tape is a fantastic idea, that could be used to do so many things. You will have to report back on how it wears as you use the desk, I'd be really interested to know. Nice work!

  4. My husband and I did something very similar to this (used bookcases for the supports) for our office desk. A word of advice - if you use it as an office desk and attach keyboard trays to it, they will fall out. It'll take a little bit (took ours about a month), but fall out they will. So use super glue when you're screwing them in!

  5. That is actually so pretty and the dryer tape really finished it off nicely.

  6. Week after week you never cease to amaze me and week after week my comments are about the same where they are yawners to you.

    So this week...I am going to say "Bravo!! Bravo!! Extrordinary!!!

  7. I have been combing yard sales and thrift stores for a REALLY inexpensive kitchen (or dining) table to convert to a sewing surface. Because the height of my sewing bed is so high, my Yield House sewing station just isn't working and my shoulders get so tight when I quilt. Your hollow door table looks like a much better solution...especially since I don't see a Koala sewing station anywhere in my near future! Once AGAIN, a great idea!!

  8. Ingenious! I especially love the tips about using the paper holder for your patterns and the toothbrush holder for scissors. The desk is just fantastic and the dryer tape is a perfect touch.

  9. Oh my goodness Karen, you are so creative. It always amazes me how you come up with these :)

  10. this is BETTER than Koala!! Thanks, Sandy

  11. Genius! Your sewing room is so stylish and I love what you've done. I used to be in a similar line of work and I never thought of using a toothbrush holder like that. I love the spools displayed like that.

  12. I love it ,and look forward to your tool time Tuesdays every week .Now where can I find a door .

  13. That is really, really pretty awesome!!

  14. This is ingenious...if I hadn't already redone two tables for my craft/sewing room, I would definitely steal (oops) borrow your idea. I LOVE IT!

  15. Great ideas! I don't think I would have ever looked at the dryer tape, and thought hmmm...tabletop edging, but it looks great!

  16. Great idea, Karen, and it looks so attractive too.

  17. Oh wow Karen! This looks great! I love the tool box for the thread too! Glad to see you are up and running. I guess I never heard what happened about your sewing machine after the flood.

  18. You have so many great ideas, Karen. I love your new sewing table. It is always fun to stop by at your blog.

  19. Karen, te quedó fantástico el escritorio, hay hecho un trabajo realmente bueno. Tienes muy buenas manos para hacer este tipo de cosas. Un beso

  20. So many clever ideas in this post! The dryer vent tape to your edge..brilliant. I love your desk accessories too..but where are your piles of "stuff"? ;)

  21. That's beautiful. I'm looking around trying to figure where I can put one.

  22. Beautiful table and clever idea.
    I was lucky, one of my sisters gave me a big old oak desk, so I use that for my sewing machine and the drawers are perfect for supplies.


  23. That just looks wonderful, great job, love the cabinets and the cute handles! Great post!

  24. I have a sewing table that is too Low, I have been thinking about swapping out the table for something else. Great Idea, now I need to measue can I fit a door in my space. HD will cut it for me, if I use a solide door instead os a hollow one, or maybe I should just take off the bi-fold door off the closet and use them. I can take off the hinges. OOhhh .

    I used two of the cubbie shelving things from Target to lift my cutting table up. I'm tall so many times tables are not the right level for me.

  25. Stunning! and very ingenious finding that dryer vent tape. I hate painting too for some reason but your work here made it look very worthwhile. Enjoy your new space and thanks for sharing your creative tips.

  26. I love that! I actually just did the same thing using a door and it's such a great workspace. Great idea to use the end tables for extra storage!

  27. Hi Karen~ Neat idea, my sewing counter that holds all of my machines used to be both of my
    daughters' built in dressers and
    desks. My hubby and I created it
    because the room was small and
    they had to share the room. It
    is perfect for my sewing machines.
    They say now I was looking into
    the future for my own good.LOL.
    I bet your husband never starts
    a project until he makes sure he
    still has materials left in his
    workshop. They probably dissappear
    often. LOL ":O)

  28. Nice job Karen! I did this same thing with a piece of plywood and two file cabinets years ago to make an office desk which we used for a really long time! I love your two side tables and the dryer vent tape is a very clever way to finish the edge. Adds a classy touch!


  29. What a great idea - but how were you able to find a door that hadn't been pre-drilled for doorknobs????? Both Lowe's and Home Depot in my area only carry pre-drilled doors. :(

  30. GlitzyMe@tampabay.rr.comSeptember 21, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    Love how it came out, Karen. We did something like this for my hubby's office years ago....two file cabinets and a length of countertop. The nice thing is you can make it fit anywhere.

    Peggi.....use the predrilled hole to bring your cords up thru the desktop.


  31. Karen, you are just so smart and so clever! You remind me of my Grandma J. (an awesome seamstress and quilt maker herself). I just love your new sewing table. It is big and really looks nice. Great job!

  32. I love your new sewing table. One of the things I like best about it is the fact that you were able to lower your support tables so that it's at a better height.

  33. Karen - looks great! Nice and big and roomy. Love your black paint (also on the other cupboards in your studio) just wondered what type it is - acrylic? paint brushed on or spray can?

  34. Great ideas that you shared! I love the golf tees and daisy flowers you used to keep your bobbin and thread matched up!


  35. Karen, you are so clever !!! Where do you come up with all these ideas??

  36. Karen, you have the most amazing brain! I can't believe all the wonderful ideas you come up with. I want to be just like you when I grow up! :o) That desk is fantastic!



  37. That is really brilliant. I hate painting too, but this project is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    xo -El

  38. You are so brilliant! Love your sewing room and all your clever ideas!

  39. That is amazing. I never would have thought that was two side tables and a door! Great use of duct tape! Gorgeous!

  40. Very awesome! I did something similar when I was in college for my desk, but used a piece of industrial counter top and two filing cabinets. Thanks for sharing!

  41. I am SO jealous ! Oh, this is such a nice studio, thanks for sharing ! I don't plan on being jealous for long. . . . am in the planning stages for a new quilting studio too ! Nice to see a well done work ( ? play ! ) area. . .


  42. 0h, and come on over and visit my blog. . . I'm joining in on a giveaway in October.. still need to figure out what my prize will be, but I will post it when the right idea hits me !


  43. I regularly check in on your blog, guess its been awhile as I missed this post, but I had to write, I too have made my own table because I only stand 5'1" and 3/4 which hubby thinks is so funny that I MUST always state the 3/4 because I am just not 5'2" just like you!! Love your room and your ideas. Nicole Kelly

  44. That turned out so darn cute! I need to create something like that for my sewing room! BTW I love your blog, but especially Tool Time Tuesdays!

  45. Thank you so much for sharing your sewing room with us, i enjoyed the tour. Now I cannot wait to kick some kids out( i will do it gently) to convert a room, I have never had my own sewing room

  46. Great ideas! I just love your blog. I found it like 30 minutes ago and am going through all the Tool Time posts!

  47. Love your ideas for organizing. Am making a quilt studio - question - what type of ceiling lighting do you have or do you recommend?

  48. Your's is the BEST sewing room on the internet! I've searched through hundreds of pictures to get ideas and wish I had found you first! Stylish and functional! Thanks for the inspiration!

  49. I just found your site and I have to say I will be up late nights now looking all through your blog, Thanks...hehe You are my hero!! I am a thrifty/use all for all kinds of purposes so this is just too fabulous for me.

  50. You can also go to a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store to get a door! Yes, they'll have a hole drilled for the doorknob but you can always put something there! (maybe a recessed canning jar? It would be good for throwing all the cut threads and stuff until you go to throw it away.)

  51. This is such a wonderful idea! I'm definitely going to have to try it! I think the Home Depot near me only has doors with pre-cut knob holes but the more I thought about it if I positioned the door so the hole was in the rear of the desk it would be a perfect place for the cords from my sewing machine :)

    Thanks for the amazing idea! Your desk looks great!

  52. Hi Karen,
    Love all of the black painted furniture. What paint do you use?

  53. I have been looking for 2 tables the correct height or close like you did. I can't even find one! Arghh!

  54. How did you attach the door securely to the bases with it being hollow? I have been wanting to make a desk like this for my home office.

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  56. Love,love, love....you have incredible ideas! Thanks for always sharing.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. I made a desk like this for my husband, using two short, inexpensive bookcases for the base. The door we actually already had, and the hole where the doorknob had once been was perfect for running his computer cables through.

  59. FANTASTIC! I cannot tell you how excited this makes me! I have had an old closet door that is still in our garage just "in the way". It wouldn't stay on the track in our bedroom. The other half still hangs out on our closet! LOL Ugly is the only word!!! Well, I could even use that one too someday...for another work area.
    Thank you so much !!!

  60. The re-purposed side tables are great as bases for the sewing table. On the handmade ride drawer pulls, if you add a glass bead before putting the ends through to the inside it will completely hide the previous pull holes.
    :) Natasha

  61. Love it, inspires me to 'upgrade' my in progress 'cold frame' for seedlings. . . really creative desk. . . nice going =]

  62. Great Idea. I have used this idea with a finished piece of formica counter top, which has obvious advantages to being finished on the edge. I built mine wall to wall with 2x4 wall support under the window for viewing the street. As for doors, you can buy them at most hardware stores, of course, and you don't need to avoid those door with predrilled openings for doorknobs. That "hole" can be fitted with a snap-in rim to hold your scissors (or cup) right in the middle where you might want it!


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