Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tool Time Tuesday...Napkin and Place Setting Ideas

Of course this week's Tool Time would be about napkins...how could it not after you've read this post . Today I will show you how to use things around the house to make a napkin and silver ware kit for your dinner guests or for a casual party or picnic.

I even used something from the hardware/automotive store for the first example. I think you can buy these just about any where actually.

These are hose clamps. They are the rings you put on the end of a rubber hose. When you need to clamp the hose to something, you just tighten the screw and it seals around the hose. Well, we won't be using it that way right?...

We will be taking these little cuties, that come in some many sizes, and using them for...

This!! Is this not the best.

This is a close up of the little screw you can tighten to fit your napkin and flat ware.

Perfect and cheap.

Here's something even cheaper...FREE. Just find the colors to match your decor or party and...

sew them together on three side leaving the top open. You can write the name of each guest on the paint chip for a seating card. You can hot glue the 3 edges too.

How about a page from a magazine, newspaper, comic page, gift wrap paper etc

I just tore the page out,

Fold it in half with the side you want show on the outside.

Now flip it over and fold the 2 end towards the middle on the back side.

Make sure the last flap over laps a little. I used tape to secure the flap.

Open up the top to reveal the pocket that has the folded bottom.

This is just perfect for that summer time picnic outside.

How about recycling a little donut shop bag. My hubby is the donut person. I'm the bagel girl.

Another great picnic set.

Even better with some raffia.

This is a page from an old music book my dad was throwing away. You can also use or buy old books. I folded it the same as the magazine page.

This idea is great for a child's party. First, I had to gulp down this Capri Sun punch and then I just cut the top off.

How about an old vegetable or fruit can.

I just tied a bow around it, but you could also Mod Podge some fabric around it that matched the party colors.

This one is super easy. Just take a decorative envelope...

cut a thin edge off one of the short sides.

Seal the gummed flap shut.

Now pop open the cut edge and...

insert your flat ware and napkin.

Last, but certainly not least is my eye glass case tutorial. You can find the tutorial here and then use them for the napkin and place setting. Then you can give the case as a party favor for the dinner guest.

I'm sure there are many more ideas to use for this. You can also use a photograph of each guest and make the pouch similar to the paint chip holder.
The list can go on and on. Just remember to think outside the box and always look at something twice before you throw it away. You never know what you could make with it.
Have a wonderful Tuesday and don't forget this week's Christmas in July give away.


  1. oh I love these refreshing ideas! I love the magazine pages, and the simplicity of the tin can with the cute bow

  2. Great ideas...I love the paint chips. The capri sun bag is cute too...I was thinking about using the raffia to tie the silverware to the Capri sun before drinking it. Then kids get the drink and the silverware in one handful :)

  3. Wow, Karen, you could have split this into about three different posts with the variety you showed! Great ideas.

  4. I still can't figure out how your mind works... I keep saying that eventually you will run out of fun stuff but you prove me wrong each week.... Totally loved your ideas today!

  5. Brilliant! I'm gonna put a link to this post in my "stuff to do" portion of my blog!!

  6. Wonderful ways to put smiles on the faces of your guests!!! You are just TOO clever, my dear!

  7. Great ideas! I love the pretty envelope one. And eyeglass cases! My DMIL used them to store scissors in drawers. They also work to transport knives to picnics. NancyinNY

  8. These are all terribly clever and darling . . . but still, I think your first (and youngest) instinct was the funniest! :)

  9. The bag with raffia and the can are my favorites. What fun ideas! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  10. The paint chip one is my favorite. I love sewing paper. I tore out that blueberry juice ad, too- to make paper beads with!

  11. I love them all, but I think my favorite is the magazine page. How easy and inexpensive. Even the kids could do that one!


  12. LOVE these ideas. I also have a request - please consider doing a post of ways to decorate switchplates. I think these little plates can be little spots of art, propping in places one would never consider putting a picture.

  13. Love the veg. can idea.

  14. And to think, I just fold the napkins in half!

  15. And they call me "bag lady"....ROFLOL

    Karen, you are a hoot!!!

  16. Wow - what great ideas - makes me want to have a party!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity -

  17. Wow! Sew Many Ways indeed! It is hard to pick a favorite. Just look at what the 'napkin' napkin holder has inspired. WOW! You are very creative! Thanks so much for some really great ideas!

    xo -E

  18. My goodness Karen how do you think
    up all of these ideas. I bet you
    go to bed at night and your poor
    mind goes ""WHEW"" I can rest now.
    LOL. all of them are wonderful
    ideas. Thanks for sharing.":O)

  19. what a bunch of neat ideas, you're very creative...

    Gill in Canada

  20. Karen, me gustan mucho todas las ideas para presentar las servilletas!!! gracias, un beso

  21. LOVE, Love, love every single napkin/silverware idea~!! Look forward to Tuesdays just to see your new creative-ness :)

  22. Oh wow Karen, I love them all.

  23. So creative! I love the paint chip one best!

  24. Very creative. Thanks for all the wonderful variations.

  25. I love how you used the paint swatches. I collect them and try to find cute ideas for them but this has to be the cutest idea for them I've seen!

  26. I love those ideas but especially the paint swatches! So fun!

  27. So cute and easy!! Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Love the paint swatches and the Capri ones the best!

  28. What clever ideas!!! The paint swatch one is my fave. Now I have a reason to collect them!

  29. WOW! You have so many fun ideas, I don't think I can choose just one!!!

  30. Such unique ideas! My picnics will never be the same!

  31. OH MY!!! What fantastic ideas!

  32. Hello Karen,This is my first time visiting and it won't be my last! You are sew many amazing ideas!!! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  33. You are soooo creative! this is my first time to visit your blog and I'm so glad I found it. I like the "paint chip card" idea the best for napkin holder. thanks for sharing!!

  34. Those ideas for napkin holders are so cool and way outdis of the box. I never would have used the capri sun pouches. I did decorate shower curtain rings with flowers to make my own napkin rings but it didn't compare with this.


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