Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tool Time Tuesday..."Weight" Til You See This

Get It..."weight". As my husband would say, "you really crack yourself up don't you!" I had other titles too, like..."Let Me Lure You To the Table" or how about "There's Something Fishy Goin' On Here". I think you get it by now, I was in the fishing department.
This little baggie is filled with fishing weights, 16 pieces for $4.50. Not that I'm a fisherman, but I assume the weights help sink the hook with the bait on it down to where the fish are. Well, not here at Sew Many Ways they don't.
There is a disclaimer with this post...some weights contain Lead. If you read up on it, they are not harmful to fisherman unless they put them in their mouth. Ok... The weights in this post will just be hanging from tablecloths, but they do sell lead free weights!space

Aren't they cute and they come in different weights too

For this Tool Time, you will need curtain rings with the clamps on the ends

or the badge clip holders. They come by the bag in the office supply section.

Here's a side view.

You may also want to have some ribbon, cording, ric rac etc.

Now here's what I use them for. This is the season for eating outside. Don't you hate it when you have a pretty tablecloth on your outside table and the wind keeps blowing up the corners? Well, this is your answer. Just clamp the corners of the tablecloth with either the curtain ring or badge clips.

Slip the ribbon through the hole on the top of the fishing weight...

and then tie it to the ring.

Now here you have it. A perfectly weighted corner of your table cloth.

Too cute!!

You can also take the clamp off the curtain ring.

Just use pliers to open the hook.

Now you can just slip the fishing weight directly to the clamp.

Another cute one.

How about ric rac...

The possibilities are endless...

and if you are certifiably insane like me, there is one more possibility. (make sure they're lead free)

I know...I'm nuts...but it is Tool Time after all.

Not only do these weights keep your table cloth from flipping up in the wind, they would work great clamped to the corners of your quilt when you're having a picnic or attach them to your sheet or blanket when you are on the beach. You may have to buy the heavier weights of those blankets.
Have fun making your own, but hope you don't "weight" too long to buy these. Ok, I'll stop!
Have a great Tuesday,


  1. Great idea.....I see many of your ideas i'm going to try just hope I remember them when I need them... This is a good one!

  2. Hi Karen,

    I like the fishing weights....very cool. The have little ones too....you could pinch them on your ear bobs....LOL


  3. Oh these tablecloth weights are very al.lure.ing!!! I'm taken hook, line and sinker with them!!! I love how you scale back to the basics!!! Sorry, one more...I'm waiting with bait.ed breath for your next idea!!!

    Seriously though Karen, I adore this idea, you are too clever as usual, keep the fabulous ideas coming. I don't know how you do it, I would be fishing around for ideas and floundering!! Ok I'll stop now! xo

  4. Ah Karen! You crack me up too!!!

    And you know, my husband says EXACTLY the same thing to me! I think it really amuses him how I make myself laugh so much!

    Fantastic TTT! Sophisticated table weights and gorgeous pendant! LOL... (and I really did Laugh out loud... my son asked what I was laughing at!)

    Big hugs!! Vikki xoxo

  5. You are too funny...and maybe you should make sure each guest has one at their place setting to hold down their napkin so it won't fly away off the table....LOL

  6. I absolutely love this idea!!! I would even give it as a gift (a set of four in a cute little box) along with a tablecloth. Wouldn´t that be cute? Thanks so much!

  7. I love it!!! My husband is fisherman and I'd never never thinked about it! It's GREAT. I love your TTT.
    Hugs from Spain.

  8. oh sweetie I just love your quirky sense of humor! when I say something I deem to be oh so clever my family rolls their eyes :) great idea by the way!

  9. Oh...another use...put it on the end of your skirt to keep it from flying up on a windy day>>>HA!!

    My sons would steal the weights...

    What a clever idea...

  10. Your ideas are really wonderful and I am so glad I found this site -- A word of caution however -fishing weights used to be made of LEAD - and maybe still are so I wouldn't wear them as body adornment --- but usefull uses 0H-Yea!

  11. Clever idea! Now if we could only keep the paper plates from blowing away...

  12. Brilliant!! I'm always looking for rocks to set on the corners of the table...this is so much prettier. Thanks.

  13. This is a wonderful idea, I was just at a vintage trailer Farmgirls on the Loose weekend. It was very windy,we could have used several of those! Thanks for the super idea.
    And thanks, Cathy for the funny retorts!

  14. Okay, something fishy going on around your house, Karen.

    I'm right in "sink" with you though.

  15. Well, Karen, a little extra weight looks great on you!

    another clever idea!


  16. "In ancient times as well as sometimes today, fishing sinkers consisted of materials found ordinarily in the natural environment, such as stones, rocks, or bone. In the ordinary case today, however, sinkers are made of lead, since the material is inexpensive to produce and mold into a large variety of shapes for specific fishing applications." wikipedia

  17. Maybe you could also use the ribbon to tie the curtain ring to the leg of your table? Good tool time!

  18. Very clever Karen. You could also
    paint the weight to match your tablecloth or paint it like a piece
    of fruit or an ant.The ideas keep
    coming or I'm fishing.LOL.:O)

  19. Great Idea:) I have to try this :)

    PS: Im having a giveaway on my blog: http://dailylifewithm.blogspot.com/2010/05/giveaway-classy-and-sassy-charms.html

  20. Cute, cheap & easy--three of my favorite words! Great idea!

  21. This should come in handy for my outdoor bridal shower next month that I'm hosting. Thanks for the great idea!

  22. Great idea! I'm off to the sporting goods store to make some for my next gathering! Love your blog...I just started blogging and you are an inspiration.

  23. So creative ideas Karen!!!

    I have to definitely remember the tip for the table clothes! My husband sometimes uses his clamps to help with the slippery silk clothes.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  24. Love it. Such a classy way to have tablecloth weights.

  25. Great idea...looks good too on the table cloth and around your neck. You could even paint them with acrylic metal primer medium and acrylic paints. I have some of that primer medium in my paint collection. I also like the idea of "very" light ones for earrings too.
    Thank you!!

  26. Wonderful idea for the fishing weights! But how about incorporating some FABRIC into the project? For a fancy event, make some fishing-lure-cozies! Take a charm square that coordinates or contrasts with your tablecloth or other decor, set the weight in the middle, pull up the corners around the top and tie it with pretty ribbon or cord, and then attach it to the curtain ring clip!


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