Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tool Time Tuesday...Easy Handmade Coasters

What is a tool anyway? The dictionary says...tool: a noun. A hand held device that aids in accomplishing a task. Well, this CD is my tool this week. I know we all have this tool any where in our homes...whether it be an old Barry Manilow CD or one of the blank ones that are hanging around because we have no idea what's on them, but we're afraid to throw them out.

Today, we'll be making these coasters... I know coasters, but they are cute, easy and we all need them.

I also have these adorable 5 inch charm squares from Fig Tree for Moda.

This tutorial is my take on the coasters that have been around for a while.

Start with 5 squares from a charm pack or 5 squares that are 5 inches

Stack them on top of each other.

Place your "tool" on top...

and trace the circle.

I pin inside the circle just to keep it from moving when cutting.

Here are the five circles you will need to make 1 coaster.

Pick one circle that will be the back of the coaster. Keep it right side up.

Now take the other 4 circles, fold them in half wrong side together...

and press.

Here are the 4 pressed half circles.

Take the circle you are using for the back and place it right side up...

Place 1 half circle on the top (keep the fold towards the center)

Take the 2nd half circle and place it on the left side, on top of the first one (still keeping the fold towards the center)

Take the 3rd half circle and place it on the bottom.

Before placing the 4th and final half circle, you need to pick up the edge of the first one you placed.

Pick it up on fold it back towards the left...

Now place the 4th half circle...

and fold the first flap back over the 4th one you just placed.

Here's a close up of the final layering.

Pin the four intersections.

Sew a quarter inch seam all the way around. Do Not leave an opening. Back stitch at the beginning and the end.

Here is a close up.

Now reach inside and turn it inside out.

Press and you are done. Woo Hoo!!!

You can use it as a regular coaster with a glass or mug on top,

or you can slip the stem of the wine glass into the layers...like a slipper. This way the coaster is always on the glass. This picture of the wine glass is at the top, in the beginning. I did have that picture here too, but instead of hitting the backspace button, I hit delete and poof that picture was gone. ( I hate that blogger won't let me put that picture back in here)
You can really change them up with the fabrics that you chose. If you want to use the coasters as a way to keep track of every one's glass, you can make each coaster a different color. That way if someone puts their glass down, they'll know that the red one is theirs. Don't forget all the holiday and seasonal fabrics too.
You can also make a beautiful set of place mats and add these coasters for a matching set.

This a great way to use up scrap pieces or left over charm squares. They make very fast gifts too. Add them to a basket with a bottle of wine and glasses and you're all set. Think Christmas...we have all said it..."I am going to start making gifts in January, so I'm not sewing at the last minutes" Well, let this be the first one you make. It's so fast, you'll feel like you've accomplished something and it will get you off on the right foot!!
Have a great Tuesday,


  1. These are cute...and I love your fabric combination.

    Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

  2. These would make great hostess gifts. They'd be fun with themed, or holiday fabrics for parties -
    thanks for the great idea

  3. I have made those coasters in their "square" version and did use different fabrics for each one in the set and gave them to a friend. It is a good way to keep track of which glass is yours when with a group of folks. I'll have to try this round version soon.

  4. Very cute and very easy. I sure
    like cute and easy so I will have
    to make some of these. Thanks for
    the tip.

  5. Love the round coasters! I make them square. Too cute. Made one for all of my 19 coworkers for Christmas and some thought they were clever little jewelry holders. Multi-purpose: who knew!? Cute! Jenn

  6. Hi Karen!!
    Another great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I've made these before as squares, so easy & so fun. I may have to try the circles to send to my DQS8 partner! :)

  8. These would be cute with a bit of binding around the outside edge too! Love them!

  9. I LOVE these! Thanks so much for the tutorial. :)


  10. Very pretty and I like how you made them round using your clever tool. And speaking of tools, I use Windows Live Writer to write up my posts...then I can put the pictures where ever I want and they stay there. Much easier.

  11. Another fabulous Tuesday tip, Karen! I love it!


  12. These are wonderful...and I think they'd be great as a gift given in a matching friendship bag!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing. I love easy and beautiful little projects like this. I'll make a few for Chinese New Year! By the way, I'm from Taiwan, and I'm a return reader and tracker of your blog. I enjoy reading your posts. ^^

  14. How cute!! I'll have to make a set or two. Off to check out my charm square stash... :)

  15. I so like that project and it's super simple, which I like also.

    Gill in Canada

  16. Very cute and easy, thanks for sharing.

  17. I am new to your blog and love this idea. Will definitely be stitching up a few for wine glasses. The directions leave nothing to chance!

  18. These are just gorgeous....I'll definately have to try making some!

    Also, I recently updated my editor and can now insert photo's anywhere in my post and move them about easily. Just go to your dashboard, chose settings then scroll down to "Select post editor" and Check the "Updated Editor" Radio button.

  19. This is really cute, i've never seen these before.... :D Almost makes me wish that i wanted to get into sewing! ;)
    Oh well, just another project for mum-in-law...hehe.

  20. Tool time is one of my favorite things to read. I save stange things and always find a use for them. I made your coasters and they are a hit with friends. I also made the glasses case book mark. Keep the ideas coming.

  21. I love these Karen! It's a little like origami, which is highly prized by all my kids...what to make them? I'll have to look through creative paper folding books to see what else we can make. Thank you for all your creativity & sharing with us.

  22. Super idée ! Je vais utiliser cette méthode. Merci.

  23. merci pour ce tuto, c'est ravissant
    bisous de france de cocotte

  24. Great idea, is the solution when we do dinners with many friends. They always get confused with the glasses of wine, brilliant, loved it. Congratulations on your creativity.

  25. Been thinking of little holiday gifts I can start on for my hubby's co-workers -- everybody needs a cute little round coaster for their desk, whether it be for hot drinks or a soft drink. Thank you for yet Another great idea!!


  26. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for your creative idea.

  27. Just made a dozen with Christmas fabrics. Will be including a couple in some of my Christmas cards to my wine drinking friends. Going to make a few more for hostess gifts. Used rounds of ultra suede which I upcycled from a jacket I got at Goodwill a few years ago for $2. It makes the bottom a little more sturdy, and more waterproof. Thanks for a great idea.

  28. I just made these for a little hostess gift on New Year's eve. Thank you so much for sharing and I am so glad to have found your blog!
    -Kelli @ turtleweenies.com

  29. These look great; can't wait to try them! I think I will add a'waterproof' coating to the bottom piece; like Heat n Bond's iron on vinyl. If someone has a better idea for this, please comment!


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