Monday, January 19, 2009

Tee or Tea...

I'm sure people have seen these before, but thought I would share my favorite things that are always next to my sewing machine. These tees keep the bobbin with it's matching spool of thread and keeps my sewing table looking cheery all year long. They are so easy to make: just take your favorite silk flower off the stem and hot glue it to a golf tee (I use the longer tees to help with taller spools of thread).

Thought I would also share another tea with you. I LOVE tea and drink it pretty much all day long. I received this tea as a hostess gift over the holidays. It is from Tea Forte and is spectacular!!! The little pyramid with the "f" on it is the package it comes in and the one on the far right is the silken tea bag. These are just too cute for words. I haven't used the last three that I have, because I just keep them on the counter as a little decoration where I make my tea. I've even saved the wrapping as a template to make the pyramid gift boxes in different sizes. I'll use them for small gifts, candy, fudge or truffles . Wouldn't they be cute made with all the great paper that's out there now? Oh well, add that to my "to do" list.

Hope you enjoyed the tea or was it tee...either way have a great night.


  1. HI Karen...I am sooo glad you came by and said hi..thank-you for taking the time to give me some info. on Disneyworld. I have not been since 1996 on my honeymoon. We are so excited to share it with our son. I would be thrilled with any info you can relay. We went to the poly. to their Hawaiian luau. We are looking at staying at the Wilderness Lodge this time. I love your blog header gorgeous....I have never seen tea like that! I can see you are a talented quilter too...which I love...I have never made one but would love too someday. cherry

  2. Thanks for sharing your tip about the tees and tea!

    The tees would make a quick guild give-away (we only have about 40 members!) :)

    Welcome to blogland :) it's a fun palce to be :)

  3. hey so i love love love your quilt tops! i am just getting back to reading blogs from the long weekend and such and i can see you've been busy! see you should of done this a long time ago! :)

  4. The tee holders for bobbins & thread is a super idea. You have a very creative mind!

  5. I'm aa tea drinker too, and your tea bags are adorable!

  6. I thought the tees with flower toppers were so cheerful and practical too! I have never seen the idea before and after reading your blog I made some - too cute! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a cute way to use golf's adorable and definitely makes your craft room look more cheery! :)
    And those little tea bag boxes are too cute for words... :D It'd be lovely for sure if you made little mini gift boxes like that out of some lovely patterned papers.

  8. Thanx for this idea! This is really neat as most all your ideas are. :) Also thank you for the tut on how to fix our email addy so you can email us because I didn't know mine was unavailable.
    I have really really enjoyed your site with all the ideas! I am working on cleaning and organizing my sewing room now as you can see from my blog about the details. Anyway I made your magnetic board and got it hung today. I LOVE the black cabinet you have fixed up with the clear plastic shoe boxes in it. That is very nice to!

  9. thanks for the cute little tee idea, and luv the tea bags too cute!!

  10. This is the cutest thread storage idea ever!!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original Round Up is open.


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