Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Recycled Christmas Cards…Tiny Gift Box

Hi everyone! I'm still going through my box of Christmas cards and thinking of different projects to use them with in instead of just throwing them away. Today's idea is not a new for me, but using a Christmas card with it is. In a previous post, I shared this idea and used a paper towel tube or toilet paper tube covered in cute scrapbooking paper.

This is even easier, because I just used the front of the Christmas card…

recycled Christmas cards

Turn this year's Christmas cards into next year's gift box…come on in and see how easy.

Store your Christmas cards in a box, so they are always handy for a quick project.

recycled Christmas cards

Any size and design will work, because the box is rolled into a tube.

recycled Christmas cards

Just cut the front of the card from the back.

recycled Christmas cards

Roll into tube and hot glue together.

recycled Christmas cards

Now squeeze the top opening, so that it's flat from right to left and glue together.

recycled Christmas cards

Next, you will add your little gift, trinket or present inside before gluing the box shut.

Once filled, take the bottom opening and squeeze front to back…hot glue together.

recycled Christmas cards

Done!! The shape is formed by gluing the openings closed in opposite directions.

recycled Christmas cards

If you want to have a hang tag for your gift box, just punch a hole at the top.

You can also make this box reusable if you only glue the bottom section and have the ribbon close the top for easy access (instead of gluing the top).

recycled Christmas cards

Add a pretty ribbon.

recycled Christmas cards

recycled Christmas cards

You can use these little boxes for so many things…

  • jewelry
  • money
  • gift cards
  • candy
  • advent calendars

Here is the link to the previous post, click HERE. You will make 25 different boxes and add numbers for an advent calendar.

Just hang them all from a ribbon to make a garland of advent boxes. The kids will just untie one box each day for a little treat inside. 

Again, if you want this to be reusable, only glue the bottom and the ribbon on the top will keep it closed.

recycled Christmas cards

You can also use other occasion cards too. Fun with birthday cards, Valentine's Day etc.

Hope you like this one!!

Thanks for stopping by,

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  1. As I was reading the beginning of this I thought ....oh, this would be good for an advent calendar.....and then TA said it! Great idea and thank you for sharing.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  2. I love this idea.
    Great for elementary children to take into school for their classmates as treats...
    I'm thinking some pretty paper and valentine's day !!

  3. GREAT IDEA!! I will have to PIN this one to remind me about it next year!! Thanks, Karen!!

  4. I use prior years Christmas cards as gift tags. I can make one or more attractive gift tags from each card. Just cut out the image I like and write neatly on it (or on the back of it) with a felt marker. I haven't bought tags in Years. Some of the cards are so attractive it would be a shame to throw them out!! I do keep special cards - ones from my grandparents who have now passed.

  5. Very nice and sturdy. They'll make good containers for little sweets too.

  6. Another wonderful idea. Thanks! Xx

  7. Such a cute and practical idea ... thanks for letting us know.

  8. I love this idea....Thank you.

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