Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tool Time Tuesday...Easy Rope Craft

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today's Tool Time is an easy craft project using a package of rope from the hardware store. Rope is inexpensive, easy to work with and adds great texture.

This could also be a Thrifty Thursday too, because I'm recycling a fruit can!!

Rope can be found in any hardware store, discount stores and the big box stores too.

It comes in many thicknesses, but in this project I used 1/4 inch thickness.

 I found this in a discount store for cheap, cheap!!

I just love the natural texture.

You can cover anything from boxes, containers, jars, cans or frames. I used hot glue to attach the rope.

This is a large can that fruits or veggies come in.

I do have one side note...I used a metal can to decorate, because we use the can opener that cuts the can open from the side, under the lid, so the remaining can edge and the lid are not sharp.

I bough my opener at it!! Just have to get use to using it in a totally different way.

To begin, start at the bottom and glue a 2-3 inch segment.

Continue all the way around. You don't have to glue all the way up, just every so often.

Keep on going!! It does go by fast.

See? Easy Peasy...

Add a little plant.

Pencils on your desk...

or scissors on you craft table.

This is perfect for a beachy decor in the summer too. I have a mirror with shells all over it, so this will be nice with that.

I've seen rope items in catalogs and they are pricey. I'm thinking other things can be covered too...

  • frames
  • mirrors
  • lamps
  • coasters...this will be next using the lid from the can I opened for this project

I'm also going to "try" to master the technique for this little beauty. I'll keep you posted if I ever start this one !! Lol

Have a great Tuesday!!

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  1. Such a great idea! I often have leftover cans around the house and this is such a cute, simple idea.

  2. So simple and the finished look is great.

  3. Just think of all the coffee cans that go to the landfills! Thank you for the inspiration to use them differently!

  4. This is a really cute idea. I think it had a lot pf pencil. You could dress it up with leaves in the fall or add a nautical charm in the summer. These would even be cute at a beach or rustic wedding.

  5. Oh a monkey fist! They are so cool. My one son is serious about knot tying! He has an arsenal of books but gets a lot of information on youtube! I showed him your post :-) If you care to know he says you need a center (marble, golf ball or something) and when you start, use cord or rope that is rough and not slippery.
    Please post if you make one!
    I found monkey fist cuff links on one of my formal shirts in my costume shop. I didn't even know I had them. They were made out of elastic cord and pretty awesome. I hope to get him to tie some for me.

    You always brighten my day. thanks

  6. LOL, Karen, I recently saw a recycled glass jar/vase on pinterest and they covered it with rope too. Love this idea!!!

  7. I really like these rope projects I've been seeing. So simple and fun to do. Thanks for sharing yours!

  8. I plan on doing some storage boxes like this soon when I get some more projects done. Got my rope and my boxes to do it with. I saw this idea some where online and thought it was pretty cool. That way all my boxes will match for my sewing room for my cubes.
    LOVE your idea to!!!

  9. You can probably find instructions to make a monkey fist on the Boy Scouts of America website. My son learned at a scout camp in December. The boys think it is so awesome! It looks like a something you would find on an old fishing boat, to me.

  10. Good luck with the Monkey Knot - call a boy scout if help needed.

  11. Nunca hubiese imaginado que una simple cuerda podrĂ­a dar como resultado esto tan bonito.
    Gracias por la idea compartida.

  12. Hi ! I'm writing from Italy ....Your blog is so ....WOW !! Many fantastic ideas !! I love your projects ! I'm a new follower of your blog ! Marzia

  13. I'm amazed about the can opener not leaving sharp edges.
    I want one!!!!


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