Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday...Christmas Craft with a Pot Holder

Happy Tuesday everyone. The holidays are fast approaching and crafting seems to be on my mind. That little voice keeps saying..."Get it done early", but whether I listen to that voice is another thing.

This time of year and even when the holidays are right around the corner (as in Christmas Eve and I'm scrambling!!), I need projects that are quick, easy and inexpensive.

Today's Tool Time is just that...wait til you see how easy this is!! It's kind of a "cheater" pennie pocket!

This version is a place setting holder, but it's also a little take home gift too.  The perfect party favor!

Here's why this is fast, easy and inexpensive...pot holders.

2 pack for $1.00. I bought mine at the Dollar Tree, but any discount store will have these.

You'll need a pot holder, ribbon and a safety pin.

If the pot holder has the hanging loop, put it at the top. If not, any corner at the top will do.

Fold over the left side so the edge is lined up vertically with the imaginary center line that runs top to bottom.

Folder over the right side so the edge matches the other fold.

Now take your safety pin and secure the 2 layers.

The safety pin is used so the receiver of the gift can take it apart easily and can use the pot holder.

In this picture the pin is horizontal...I found out later that it's better if the pin was vertical. Helped to keep the shape better.

Now add a bow to cover the pin. I tied the bow all the way around, but you could just make a small bow and catch it with the safety pin.

Perfect place setting and a little gift for your guest!!

Here's a little bonus to have the pennie pocket hanging on a door knob.

You know I save everything...I cut up old artificial trees, wreaths or garlands that have seen better days and save the little branches.

Take branches and twist them together.

Add enough for a length that would fit over a door knob.

Thread it through the loop in the pot holder.

Twist into a ring.

Perfect to add to any door knob inside or out...

You can also add some Christmas floral too, if you don't want to add a bow.

The little hanging Pennie Pockets can be used for so much...

  • on your children's bedroom door for an advent treat each morning
  • use them to hold gift cards
  • for teacher's gifts
  • hang on the mailbox for a little gift for the postman
  • hang on your neighbor's door with a little note and treat inside
  • make 25 and number them for an advent calendar hanging on your wall. Use clear 3m hooks to hang them
  • Stitch it closed permanently and give it to your sewing friends filled with sewing goodies, but after they can use it as a scissor caddy

The list is endless what you can do with these little pockets. You can use different colors throughout the year or pink for Valentine's Day, pink for Easter, green for St Patrick's day, blue for 4th of July, orange Halloween, brown for Thanksgiving!!

Have fun making them and maybe start now, so it's one thing checked off your Christmas "to do" list!!

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. This is a cute idea!! Now to do it.....!! Thanks for this!!

  2. Cute Idea. Did you ever do a post on how to change the 'read more' to other words and how to change the color of the font? I can't seem to find it. Thank you in advance.

  3. I love this idea, and will definitely have to try it......I'll let you know if the pot-holders are available in our £1 shops, for the benefit of your UK followers xx

  4. Very nice idea and very pretty too!!

  5. Ohh, you're so clever! Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  6. This is adorable. But on a totally unrelated note, you have the same place setting as my mom!

  7. I am already thinking ot the things I can put in this for holiday gifts! Thanks for sharing this cute idea! --Vickie

  8. Great idea. You know you can also use this for a child who has just gotten new glasses. Put it by their bedside when they are ready for bed to keep their new glasses from getting scratched. Also a good protector for small scissors. Thanks for keeping us inspired/.

  9. Thanks Karen, I'm thinking they would look cute with candy canes tucked in them! Going to check out my Dollar Tree.

  10. So cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. What a neat idea! I have those exact same Christmas dishes! Love them!


  12. Fantastic idea!! It's simple, fast and so versatile - perfect for the holiday season! TFS!

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  14. Terrific idea. I'm raiding the dollar store today!

  15. Wow that was in ability interesting, altought i would add few added added thoughts

  16. That is so clever and looks so nice! I love the idea of cutting up old trees, I never thought of that but it's a great idea for making more crafts!! Thanks for sharing!! :)



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