Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quilt Block Tutorial and a Give Away...

Hi everyone!! Thought I would share a great quilt block tutorial that my friend Tina has shared on her blog Seaside Stitches.

She is also celebrating a few fun things on her blog, so she's having a give away. It's her retreat weekend, her 500th post (506 lol) and she has 200 followers!!!

She's giving away a goody bag of fabric, candy and one of her lapel pins that she paper pieces. I have these pins and they are amazing how much detail there is.

I want to give you the link to the post for the block tutorial, but I'll give you the link to her give away and her whole blog, because she has so many other great posts and quilt pictures.

Click HERE for the Album Block or  Chimney Sweep tutorial.

Give her a little love while you're there. The quilt she's making with these blocks is for her son Pete who is joining the Marines.

Click HERE if you just want to visit her give away...

Then click HERE if you want to see her whole many great quilts and tutorials too.

Have fun on Tina's blog!!

Happy quilting,

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  1. Very pretty. I like the last quilt with all pastels. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  2. Mind-boggling but absolutely beautiful quilts!


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