Friday, June 8, 2012

Find a Friend, Blog Hops and Give Aways too...

Fridays are find a something day...find a new friend or a blog hop or some great give aways. You can link up or just browse around. Either way, have fun!!!



If you are new to Find a Friend Friday (FaFF), you are in for a treat! It's a simple linking party to add a link to your blog so friends, old and new, can stop by and visit.

It's great to share your blog with everyone, but it's also fun just to look around. Even if you don't have a blog, you can find a wealth of great people willing to share their talents. and another great blog to follow.

This is an easy one to participate are just linking to your own blog. No projects to sew, no furniture to paint, no cookies to bake or pictures to take. You are just sharing your blog and then friends will stop by for a looksy.
  • click on the blue "click here to enter" link in THIS section
  • copy and paste or just type in your blog address...example:
  • enter title of link...your blog name or phrase to grab attention
  • add a photo of you, your profile picture or your blog button or whatever you think will grab some one's attention...(I'm thinking a picture of a big piece of chocolate cake, but that just me LOL)


This section is perfect for anyone having a blog give away or a blog hop. We all love having friends enter give aways and participate in blog hops, but sometimes it's hard to get the flow of people to those blogs. What better way to share all that info than to have them advertised all in one place.

Same steps to enter as above EXCEPT you need to enter the URL address of your give away or hop...NOT your whole blog. It makes it easier for everyone to find that particular post.

To find the URL of a particular post, just click on the post title and then paste that address in the linking party section.

So in a nut shell...this section is just for give aways or blog hops!!

  • click on the blue "click here to enter" button under THIS section
  • copy and paste URL address for the particular post of the give away or hop
  • enter title to grab their attention 
  • add photo of give away items or blog button for give away or blog hop

That's it...super easy. Just think of the possibilities of finding all those wonderful blogs, give aways and hops out there.

Thanks for participating,

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  1. Whoops! I meant to add my link to the first section but accidentally put it in the giveaway one. I don't see a place where I can delete my linkup. Feel free to delete that one!

  2. I love Find A Friend Friday and being able to see so many great blogs and projects! Thanks for hosting.

  3. Thanks for the link up - sorry my picture isn't showing up. If you have a chance to delete it I'll try again!

  4. Mine isn't working said I had already entered, but then it never showed up...


  5. Oh man I think I just messed it up! It won't let me enter again as it says I've already submitted my blog, bah! Next time lol!!


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