Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Made a New Friend and She's Having a Give Away...

Guess what? I made a new friend and she lives in the next town!! I have three words for this...
I Love Blogging!
and you will LOVE Gwen from Gwenny Penny. You all know I love play on words, so the blog title is the best. What's even better is her's chock full of wonderful tutorials, printables, beautiful photography and a GIVE AWAY!! Woo Hoo..
Love this picture in her header...

These are the wonderful items in her give away.

She made these...too cute. A coffee cozy, tissue holder and a zippered pouch.

I am the biggest tea drinker ever, so this teapot pin cushion is just the best.

If you'd like to enter Gwen's give away, pop over to her blog and become a won't be disappointed!
Click here to link to the give away post.
and click here to link to her fabulous blog.
Thanks for letting me share a new friend with you...blogging really brings the world together!


  1. Oh my, I love the teapot pin cushion!!! Can you ever have too many pincushions???

  2. Karen, thank you so much for mentioning my little giveaway! I'm so glad to have met a new blog friend, especially one who lives so close:)

  3. That teapot is adorable! Thanks for the new blogging friend.

  4. Proof there is no such thing as too many pin cushions!!
    Thanks for introducing gwenny to us she is a hoot!!

  5. Karen, gracias por la información de este nuevo blog, me pasaré por él. Los trabajos sn hermosos. Un beso

  6. Ooo...I have that teapot. It actually opens up and there's enough space for a spool of thread or 2 (depending on the type you're using). And since the top and the bottom are actually separate pin cushions, I tend to reserve the top for needles when I'm hand sewing something.

    And if you don't win, I got it from Joann's.

  7. Lucky you finding a blogging friend! I think it's really nice of you to let people know they're set on No Reply. My system had crashed, so I guess I better re-check my settings.


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